Where To Place Home Security Cameras? 6 Recommended Places

In light of your home's specific weaknesses, this manual will help you prioritize various security camera placements in your security system.

Best places to install security cameras


1. Primary entrance

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While it's natural to believe that criminals will find a way to enter through a back or side door, data from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors shows that 34 percent of break-ins actually occur through the front door. 

It's also a common target for parcel thieves. A home security camera at the front door allows you to monitor the comings and goings of anybody who uses the entry, from family and babysitters to service technicians, delivery persons, and more. 

Expert recommendation: Video doorbells are fantastic for the main entrance. They are versatile enough to serve as a standalone security system or to complement an existing system monitoring the backyard or garage.

2. Doors on the side and rear of the building

Passageways that aren't readily apparent make it easy for anybody to get access, regardless of whether they're welcome or not. According to NACHI data, 22% of all burglaries occur through the rear entrance. 

Add cameras to your secondary doors, especially if one of them is used as regularly as, or more often than, your main entrance, or if one (like a basement door) appears especially appealing or accessible to a possible burglar, to assure full awareness of everyone who enters and departs.

3. Driveway and garage

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The garage is one of the easiest places for burglars to gain access to a home. You can keep an eye on your bikes, tools, grills, sports equipment, and automobiles, as well as the people who work with them, with a camera directed toward your garage and/or driveway. 

Having a camera in your detached garage is a great way to feel less alone. Having an extra safety measure to keep an eye on your attached garage is a good idea if it's a possible entry point into your house. A camera installed at the end of your driveway's gate might help you keep an eye on anyone who might be trying to break in.

4. Yard

Keeping an eye on the yard is a good way to detect potential intruders who could be sizing up your home from the outside. It's also useful for recording the antics of curious children, animals, or intruders.


5. Group gathering spaces

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Putting cameras in common areas like the kitchen or living room is a good way to keep tabs on the kids, the babysitter, the pets, and the maids and repairmen. Those rooms on the bottom level with wide windows should be checked first in case they are tampered with or used as an entry point.

6. Primary stairwell or corridor

Installing a camera in a prominent location within your house might make it much more difficult for an intruder to sneak about unnoticed. Even if a burglar enters the home through an unobserved door (such as a bathroom or bedroom), they will still be caught on video if they roam about the property.

Tips on the security camera placement

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  • Place in inaccessible areas

It is important to place all cameras in inaccessible areas to prevent them from being easily damaged or disabled. The cameras should be located near the ceiling inside and at least nine feet above the ground outside. 

Check that the cameras are mounted safely as well. Some cameras include adhesive backings that allow them to be placed on various surfaces, but screwing them into the wall provides the most security.

  • Adjusting camera angles

It's as crucial to finding the ideal viewing perspective as it is to install cameras strategically. Putting security cameras above doors and windows without angling them properly might result in just capturing the intruder's head.

Rather, have them stand a couple of feet away from a window or door, with the camera pointed in the direction of entry. Don't be shy about advertising the presence of surveillance cameras; doing so might deter as many as two-thirds of would-be intruders. 2

  • You should think about how strong your Wi-Fi signal is.

If you have wireless security cameras, you should make sure your Wi-Fi is working properly. Home security cameras need consistent, high-quality Wi-Fi connectivity in order to record and show back footage. It's possible that the camera won't stay linked to your home security system if you lose internet access. The video may be jerky or distorted if the Wi-Fi signal is poor.


At what level of a building should surveillance cameras be set up?

8-10 feet in height. Mounting height recommendation. The cameras need to be placed high enough to see everything but out of reach of would-be robbers. Mounting cameras 8 to 10 feet off the ground is recommended.

Which wall should I mount my camera's display on?

The ideal position for a camera is just above eye level and tilted downward for best results. There are a few options for achieving this enticing perspective.

Should people be able to see where cameras are located?

The presence of surveillance cameras is a deterrent in itself, helping to reduce crime. An obvious security camera installation deters would-be intruders. Cameras installed in plain sight outdoors can see more and are less likely to have their field of view blocked by foliage.

Should we conceal outdoor cameras?

Homeowners should be proactive in the fight against criminals by strategically placing cameras around their properties. It is prudent to place security cameras in obvious places where they cannot be easily discovered by potential intruders.

A front entrance security camera should be installed in what area?

To cover the most susceptible locations surrounding your property and prevent vandalism, you must make quick judgments. The best places to put the camera are above the front entrance and off-street windows (about 9 feet above the ground).

Last word

One last consideration is whether or not you need professional cameras. Check out the best home security cameras we recommend, as well as an in-depth look at the top home security systems, to learn more.

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