Privacy policy -

What Data We Collect Information about how you use our Digital Services.
Information you provide while registering for or participating in a survey, sweepstakes, contest, promotion, event, or the like.

How We Put the Data We Collect to Use
Digital Services, including personalized content and curated recommendations, will be made accessible to you after your requests have been completed.
This is so that we can learn how you and other people are using digital services so that we can enhance those services for everyone.
For the purposes of advertising and marketing, such as the delivery of ads tailored to the user's specific interests, the integration of data from many devices, and the measurement of campaign efficacy.
To protect both our own and other people's rights.

Just how do we keep your information safe?
We have put in place administrative, technological, and physical safeguards to secure all of our internal data. We shall never let our guard down with regard to the safeguards in place to keep your information private.

All guests must be at least 13 years old.
We are unable to sell to anybody under the age of 13 due to legal restrictions. Parents should keep a tight eye on their children's internet behavior if they are under the age of 13.